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Saturday, 10 July 2021 - Monday, 12 July 2021

MTCC Asia Energy Efficiency Conference & Exhibition

Sustainable Technologies Innovatively Shared at MTCC Asia’s Conference-Exhibition

As part of its continued efforts on promoting GHG emissions reduction from maritime shipping sector, MTCC Asia convened major and influential industries as well as maritime administration at the International Conference-Exhibition on Maritime Technology for Climate Mitigation (Confex) held on 11-13 July 2021. More than 20 exhibitors including world-leading shipping companies, ports, technology providers and research institutes showcase their best practices and practical solutions.

A 3D virtual exhibition was also launched to showcases vividly the latest progress and achievements in energy efficiency technology innovation and ship and port operations and management optimization, reaching a wide range of audience overcoming the restriction of physical distance and providing a richer pack of information than a traditional physical exhibition. Details including exhibitors’ profiles, technology solutions and analytical reports could be easily accessed by audience according to their interests.

As an integrated part of the China Maritime Day Shanghai Forum, the Confex held by MTCC Asia was a highly inclusive event to provide opportunities to share and gain knowledge about improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions & combating climate change, and helped raise awareness of driving shipping greener and cleaner. It attracted some 150 local participants with another 100 joining remotely.

Mr. Wei Zhang, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipality, in his Opening Speech, reiterated the significance of carbon peak and carbon neutral goals, and said Shanghai has been accelerating the use of new and clean energy and the adoption of environmental protection technologies, so as to better promote the sustainable development of the Shanghai International Shipping Center. Mr. Zhang then took a visit around the onsite technology exhibition set up at the conference venue.

IMO’s Jose Matheickal expressed in his Keynote Speech:”despite many challenges we saw incredible partnership and effort in finding alternative means to provide platforms in which ideas, knowledge, insights and experience could be shared to discuss the environmental issues facing the world today, and that through these initiatives we facilitated important dialogue on how the maritime field can tackle climate change”.

A “Women in Shipping Decarbonization” session was included to encourage and support women’s contribution to the promotion of sustainable and affordable energy technologies and participation in the energy planning and policy formulation at the local and national levels. Ms Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, President of WISTA International, emphasized the need to engage all talent and minds to work on innovation and decarbonisation in shipping. Dr. Yasmin Mohd Hasni, Vice President of WIMA Asia highlighted the importance of strengthening regional capacities towards a low caron future.

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