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Tuesday, 24 October 2017 - Friday, 27 October 2017

MTCC-Pacific 1st National Workshop

Type of activity:

National Workshop



The First National Workshop on Energy Efficient Operations of Ships was held in Suva, Fiji from 24 to 27 October 2017. The meeting was coordinated and facilitated by MTCC-Pacific and attended by representatives from the Fiji Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji, The Fiji Port Corporation Limited, the Fiji Ships and Heavy Industry Limited, the Pacific Islands Development Forum, Patterson Shipping/Searoad hipping, Seaquest Fiji Ltd/Sealand Processors, Inter Link Shipping Line Ltd, Government Shipping Services, Tokalau Shipping, All Barging and Marine (Fiji) Limited, and Billett Wright & Associates (Fiji) Limited, Solander Pacific Limited.

The purpose of the workshop was to gather Fiji government, the maritime administration and ship operators to agree on measures to improve energy efficiency of shipping in Fiji and provide them with technical tools to progress towards energy efficient operations of ships.


The workshop was held in three parts:

  • On the first day the focus was on the MTCC-Pacific project, challenges and opportunities in the Fiji Maritime Industry as well as drivers, needs, barriers and relevant actions to climate mitigation in the country;
  • The second workshop consisted of shipping practitioners discussing issues relating Ship Energy Efficiency Operations (SEEO), such as climate change, greenhouse gas emission and Shipboard Shore Energy Management (SSEM) measures;
  • The third part was the gathering of both groups to agree and commit to the outcomes produced out of the previous three-day deliberations.

The national workshop participants agreed to implement relevant actions to progress towards Green Maritime Industry in Fiji in order to support a long-term objective for low-carbon
maritime transport and contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions in the Pacific.



Pacific Community, Suva Regional Office, Suva, Fiji

Pacific Community, Suva Regional Office, Suva, Fiji