Stakeholder Participation

GMN Project calls for expression of interest to join the GMN Project’s Global Stakeholder Committee (GSC). The purpose of the GSC is to ensure wide dissemination of the project information and success stories, and to provide long-term strategic guidance.


The applicant must represent one of the following organizations:

  • IMO and EU secretariat
  • Donor agency
  • Private sector representing shipping and/or port industry (other industries may be considered)
  • Maritime authorities in MTCC regions: Caribbean, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Pacific
  • Maritime academia (universities, think tanks)
  • Global NGOs dealing with maritime issues

With the exception of EU and IMO, each organization is allowed one representative.



Members of the GSC will participate in the project activities on a volunteer basis. The GSC members will have an opportunity to:

  • Provide visibility of the project through dissemination of the information on the project such as project brochures, MTCC events, and other materials related to the project
  • Share ideas with the GMN Project Coordination Unit (PCU) on the role of MTCCs beyond 2019
  • Share information with the PCU on regional and/or global priority issues related to climate change and shipping
  • Share ideas with the PCU on potential partnership opportunities for the project
  • Share ideas with the PCU on potential funding for the GMN beyond 2019
  • Have an opportunity to participate in the GMN meetings regionally and globally

Members of the GSC will be added to the e-mailing list administered by the PCU. The PCU will serve as the secretariat for the GSC. The PCU will send out relevant information to the GSC regularly, at a minimum quarterly, with updates on MTCC development, upcoming meetings, and requests for strategic guidance where necessary.


GSC Meeting Periodicity

The GSC will be invited to meet in person:

  • In 2017 in London, UK. This meeting will be organized during the GMN project meeting
  • In 2018 in London, UK. This meeting will be organized during the MEPC session
  • In 2019 in London, UK. This meeting will be organized during the Project close out meeting.

In addition, special events for GSC members might be organized alongside selected regional meetings organized by MTCCs and conference calls/webinars might also be arranged.

The GSC meetings will be chaired by IMO and/or EU, subject to availability. The communication language of the GSC will be English.


GSC Funding

There is no fee associated with the GSC membership.

No funding will be provided by GMN for any of the contributions, including participation in the events.


Expression of Interest submission deadline

The applications shall be sent to the no later than 20 July 2017. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

The following form shall be submitted as part of the application. The form shall be submitted along with the CV of the organization representative.

Each organization is allowed only one representative on the GSC, but when the agreed representative of the organization cannot attend a GSC engagement they may designate an alternative from within their organization to participate in their place.