GMN Structure

The project is funded by the European Union and implemented by the International Maritime Organization Secretariat, through a dedicated Project Coordination Unit (PCU) established within the Sub-Division for Major Projects within the Marine Environment Division of IMO.

The PCU is responsible for day-to-day management of the project including acting as IMO’s focal point for the Maritime Technology Cooperation Centres (MTCCs). The PCU is responsible for all reporting aspects of the project and it is also the focal point for IMO Member States. It acts as the secretariat for all project activities, management and liaison with MTCCs and other relevant stakeholders.

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) ensures overall governance and monitoring of the project and consists of senior IMO and EU representatives.

When it comes to making strategic decisions in regards to the project, the PSC is the ultimate decision maker. The role of the PSC includes: monitor the project performance, review and approval of project management documents, take major decisions and serve as the advisor to PCU as required.



Stakeholder engagement

A Global Stakeholder Committee (GSC) has been established to ensure wide dissemination of the project information and success stories. The members of the GSC participate in the project activities on a volunteer basis. The GSC members have an opportunity to: disseminate information on the project, advise the PCU on the role of MTCCs beyond 2019, provide guidance on regional and/or global priority issues related to climate change and shipping, and advise the project on potential partnership opportunities.

In addition, particular members of the GSC may be identified to serve as technical experts to provide technical input on activities, such as pilot projects when required by the PCU and/or PSC.